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Ashli Marshall has been in a licensed bodywork therapist for 25+ years.

Her specialty has been "Nerve and Fascia" work but her approach has been unique.

Technically she has a gift  "to feel energy" which allowed her to do "Energetic Work Through Tissue Manipulation"

She is no longer taking on hands on clients.  Check Out Her Reviews -

But she is sharing information, from her perspective.


There are 3 abstract points she hopes everyone will know..


Point 1:

Nerves and Fascia relate to the invisible / Heart and Spirit / which does show up in the body.


The Invsible and Eternal MUST BE FACTORED IN

Regulation of (THE INVISIBLE) is critical and


#1 Priority.


But there are 2 other "invisible systems" .....

to factor in.


This information is baseline, foundational and has the power to change your life.


If for any reason the information doesn't click or you don't find value, simple ask for a refund.


Basically what you are getting is a pace of nature email education 🙂




Hello & welcome Focusing on the unseen is Important When It Comes To Health- heart & spirit, emotions show up in the body.  But Where?

Ashli Marshall stumbled into the massage / health and wellness industry 20+ years ago when the resort where she worked decided to built a spa.

Within a month of beginning her career people were calling her a healer.

She moved to Kansas City in 2004 (in order to be apart of the the International House of Prayer) and ended up teaching massage therapy for a few years.

The anointing on her life seems to revolve around health and wellness.  Teaching People Self Government Is Good

She opened OBX Bodyworker  on the beach of NC in 2014.  Where her specialty has been "nerve and fascia work"  She has not taken on a new hands on client in years but has decided to to share what she has learned

Mainly she has learned in 20 years of bodywork and healing work...

It is better to feel good than not. 

Quality of life is important!

Ashli Badger Marshall ABM

25+ 5 Star Reviews on FB, Google & Yelp

"For someone who has done massage for 11 years and had a lot of treatments over the years, I can say Ashli is on it." 



"Ashli is truly gifted. She is so incredibly intuitive and has a beautiful spirit"



"She really cares and works to help you"



"Her unique style is very intuitive."

Factoring In Consciousness, Breath & Eternal Only Makes Sense (Since The Goal Is Best Quality Of Life) Internal Posture is.... >>> Learning To Regulate And Focus On "Nerves and Fascia / Heart and Spirit"

The literal job of the physical body is to keep the spirit alive.  But the question IS?? Are you alive? in spirit and in heart?

How is your physical body (emotions mindset and attitude?)    If there is anything I learned in 20 years in the massage bodywork healing and health industry it is  : The Invisible Shows Up In The Body.  Period.

But where? That is the question.  Do you believe God dwells in you? Do you believe Consciousness dwells in you? If so, Where?  In your gut? In your breath? In your heart? In your hormones? Or where??

I personally believe the answer is (God/Consciousness is everywhere in your body as long as you are alive- but it is specifically regulated by Nerves and Fascia (breathe and internal posture)




There is More Than Meets The Eye // We Can See With Our Heart And/Or See With Our Eyes

The bottom line is we have an inner world (heart / spirit / invisible) and an outer world (what we see with our eyes and can touch with our hands)   It is important to #beinbalance But if I were to give advice it would be - tap into your personally body a little more , with breathe and honor and tune in to your viseral , heart and spirit health - Because


Our Inner World Health Is More Important Than Our Outer World Health



Have You Ever Met Someone that never leaarned to "breathe about things" or regulate their nerves?

Regulating our nerves/ fascia (breath & emotions) takes effort. But it is more simple than most people know... 


Breathing ABOUT Our Issues

And Understanding Pace of Nature .. 


Is Critical 




Besides Breathing On Purpose And Making God/Consciousness (Internal Posture)The Plumbline
Two other "Invisible" systems (that have been discovered by science / like Nerves and Fascia)

Ashli may have a unique way of doing things, but hopefully the information you learn (if you apply it) will aid you trememdously.  Just remember, Broadstroaks are best.  

Breathing / God / Consciousness / Nerves And Fascia account for 80% of the Invisible Health Equation (In Ashli's Opinion) 

The 2 other "systems" each account for 10% 

But how many people do know? about the 80/20 rules

#detailsmatter #facts #data #truth should not be ignored. 


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These Systems Enhance Quality Of Life
And There Is Proven Facts That Show it

It seems hard to full spectrum information on what it takes to be healthy.  Factoring in the God and consciousness and having a heart posture like his goes so so so far .... 

BUT ... what about the other ~ details ?


What 2 systems? Besides Heart and Spirit / Nerves and Fascia should everyone know about?  Please remember these are all broad strokes and if you decide to sign up you get Pace Of Nature Education (which is the way we truly learn and grow) 

These principles are for those who wish to build on a wise strong unshakable foundation 


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Life Is An Art Science & Battleground Learn the 3 Core Foundations Ashli Believes Everyone Should Build On

Ashli Marshall taught Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Some TCM Modalities, Neuromuscular Therapy and Many More Things... Besides the 1 core foundation of Love / God first/ Consciousness (Nerves and Fascia / Heart and Spirit)  There are 2 other things to know.... in order to be optimized and alinged as properly as possible.

Gain Instant Access To Ashli's 3 Points And Learn How You Can Have A Better Quality Of Life Guaranteed.  


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